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The Boy in the Cave

Don't live in the Stone Ages of funeral customs. We can do BETTER than we have settled for. We all deserve to be celebrated, honored, recognized, and thanked! Profusely. Each and every one of us deserves a personal, no-holds-barred, unmitigated gratitude party for the...

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A Coffin to Carry You Off In

Few people know that the FTC ( the Federal Trade Commission) has something called a Funeral Rule, designed to protect consumers when buying funeral services. One of the ten rights listed addresses your right to buy a casket or urn of your choosing, from any vendor you...

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I want a fun funeral, and maybe you do, too.

First day of website! Blog posts to come. Looking forward to intriguing discussions about rejuvenating our death and funeral rituals, and actually talking about death in a way that's enlightening and enlivening! So much more to come. Sadness is inevitable, but there...

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