Meet Kyle Tevlin


Kyle here.
So glad you’ve found me. I’m on a mission to change the way we do funerals. To raise the bar so that the way we say goodbye does actual tribute to a person. And I’m not talking about a good photo montage in the funeral parlor. I’m talking about celebrating and honoring people in ways that reflect their life, their spirit, and the difference they’ve made. Pulling out all the stops to express our love and gratitude, and unabashedly applauding them.
I’d like you to consider that the way funerals have always been done is kind of lame.


Why do we think spending two hours in a funeral parlor, having some kind of service, and then a meal, is all our loved ones deserve? Is that honestly the best we can do for the people we’ve loved so deeply?

Why do we enact almost the exact same funeral ritual for everyone, despite the fact that we’re incredibly unique, diverse, and quirky?

Why is it that we think one of—if not the most—life-altering experiences we face (DEATH!) should be handled at the last minute, with little planning, while under terrible stress and grief?

There is a new world of saying goodbye out there, and I’m here to guide you.

Talking death and funerals isn’t for the faint of heart, but I’m just like you, I had to get there gradually. Here’s a little of how I got here.

For most of my life, I’ve been a graphic designer with minor stints painting murals and furniture, taking annual school pictures, teaching piano, taking reservations at a hotel, and drawing with kids in homeless shelters. I went to college in Massachusetts, lived mostly in northern NJ, and now live in Bucks County, PA. I spent the summer of 1999 in Uganda and Kenya, seeing how other human beings experience life. Never once during this time did I contemplate burial outfits or eulogies. I was happy just being creative and having fun.

But then I found myself wanting to do something more meaningful and personal. Death talk were not on my list, but life —being Life—intervened in my thought process.

As I considered what turns my career might take, I happened to go to a couple of funerals. They weren’t bad, they were just ordinary. They were the same. You could have almost swapped out the deceased individuals; there was so little that was special, and almost nothing that was profound. And that felt unfortunate to me. I couldn’t help but think “Don’t we deserve better than this?!” I, myself, certainly wanted better than that.

Jump ahead a few months, by then having read dozens of stories of people saying goodbye in outrageous and magnificent ways, and I couldn’t resist this tantalizing new vision I had of better funeral rituals.

There’s so many options, opportunities, and little-known alternatives to saying goodbye, and with that comes healing and peace. Let me show you what’s possible.

Put a little life into your last wishes. Creativity. Fun. Ultimate meaningfulness.

I hope I can inspire you to want better sendoffs for everyone. For yourself, for your family, for everyone who’s made a difference in your life.

The degree to which we can deeply celebrate and thank individuals for their time here on Earth is limited only by our imaginations.

I am actively looking for partners or alliances to further the mission of I Want a Fun Funeral. If you are a like-minded person, please contact me about collaborating, brainstorming, expanding, sharing, piggy-backing, etc.