If You’re Local to Philadelphia

If you’re local to Philadelphia, then you’re local to me. Let’s get together with a group of your choosing (a group of friends, your family, a book club, religious group, etc.) and I’ll lead the way. From start to finish it’s a lively, upbeat, and supportive process!

We’ll put together a small gathering (5–12 people) where we begin with the many compelling rewards of writing down what you would like to happen when you pass. Sneak preview: it’s not just awesome for your family, it’s valuable for you right now. It ends with a completed packet of forms handed to your family so that— whenever you take your leave (hopefully far, far in the distance) — they know just what to do.

Not even *I* can bear this topic on my own, so I’ve styled it for FUN! Music, props, food, goodies, prizes, and whatever discussion is needed to get the job done. Designed for maximum enjoyment and accomplishment.

For $30 per person, you get:

• A guided discussion to help you think about your end wishes
• A complete and detailed plan that you will hand to family that outlines your wishes
• A fun time with people, music, food, and more!