Planning A Funeral For Yourself

You’re planning your own funeral! That might sound a little strange, but putting your wants and wishes down on paper may be the best move you never considered making before.

I’ll provide a Personal Consultation via Phone or Skype:
A Two-Hour Consultation & A One-Hour Follow-up within 30 days

Whether you’ve had a couple of ideas over the years, haven’t thought about it for two seconds, or have a grand vision already going, there’s two crucial aspect of getting your goodbye wishes handled:

1. Your thoughts must be written down.

2. That plan must be given to someone or told exactly where it is.

Anything you mention about your last wishes in passing can be forgotten, confused, misconstrued, or argued over. When a death has occurred, people are in shock, grief, and overwhelm. Hoping they remember what you wanted isn’t only asking a lot, it’s leaving them with a burden that could be prevented by having your clear thoughts written down.

So together we talk about your concerns, your experiences, and your options. And because I can’t deal with morbid talk, it’s a lively, upbeat, and supportive process!

Aspects of planning that we cover in the initial two-hour consultation:

1. What you want done with your body
There’s more options than you might realize. From traditional to exotic disposition, I’ll share with you alternatives and possibilities so that you can make an informed and inspired choice.

2. What kind of service or memorial you would like
Whether you’re devout in a particular faith or have no religious affiliation at all, designing your service should incorporate your values, taste, and style. There’s no reason to do what everyone else has always done if that doesn’t feel right to you. Your goodbye plan should light you up and make you smile! It’s my goal to have you absolutely delighted with your plans, and will do as much handholding and brainstorming as necessary to ensure that.

3. What kind of legacy you want to leave
Big or small, there are no limits to how far-reaching your dreams can be. Whether it’s to raise money, raise consciousness, or just bring a group of people together for community, it’s a once-in-lifetime (quite literally!) opportunity to make yet one more difference in the world. That said, if this doesn’t resonate with your humbleness, no need to even talk about it.

There are so many options that are not widely known — some are actually old-fashioned but becoming popular again (Home Funerals) and some are brand new technologies just being developed (BioCremation, a liquid form of cremation).

There’s education about dealing with funeral homes, the FTC Funeral Rule, and ways to save money either by necessity or personal choice.

The One-Hour Follow-up will be scheduled for a week or two later, after you’ve had time to review your options and make some final decisions. I can answer your questions, do research, or help you fill in parts you need assistance with.

The process ends with a completed packet of forms handed to your family so that — whenever you take your leave (hopefully far, far in the distance) — they know just what to do.

And I can’t guarantee this, but my experience is that during this process, you will:

  • Shed whatever death and funeral anxiety you might have
  • Be inspired and uplifted by amazing stories about what other people have done
  • Feel a sense of relief and peace that you didn’t know was possible by having this completed.

For $125, your Personal Consultation Includes:

• Two-Hour Consultation
• One-Hour Follow-up
• A thorough, easy-to-complete packet with everything that needs to be decided
• Email support between the two sessions.