Planning A Memorial For Another

You want a fun memorial for someone who’s already passed. It’s never too late to give somebody the party they deserve.

Whether your beloved person passed three months or 15 years ago, if you’re still missing them and want to celebrate their spirit, it’s a party worth having. People live on in our lives. Don’t be limited to your memories to keep someone’s spirit alive. Those qualities you loved about them — their hobbies, passions, visions, goals — can easily be brought to life at any time. Group activities, trips, outings, fund-raisers, special events, volunteer projects, missions — any creative undertaking or just a plain old get-together… whatever you loved about the person can be expressed and celebrated in a meaningful, healing, and perhaps life-changing experience.

If you’re deeply missing someone or you’re feeling helpless mourning, that sadness can be channeled into something live and transformative.

Taking action moves your energy into a field of rejuvenation, a healing, a reclaiming of the joy that person brought you in life. Your admiration, love, and even reverence for that person can most surely be brought to life again.

With creativity, cleverness, and collaboration, joy and gratitude can offset the sadness. The benefits of celebrating your loved ones can be profound when you know that anything is possible in terms of honoring them. You can do something small or you can do something global! It’s my honor to work with you to bring smiles and gratefulness for those loved ones who still live in your hearts.

Custom pricing, depending on scope of memorial desired.

I’d love to talk to you about your loved one’s memorial. Contact me to discuss the details, no obligation!