What is “I Want a Fun Funeral”?

If you’ve ever had the thought “I don’t want people crying at my funeral”… you have to do a little advanced planning.

But don’t let that scare you off! Our society’s tendency to avoid any and all talk of funerals (except when urgent and unavoidable) is becoming a thing of the dark ages. It’s time for a revolution in the way we say goodbye! A revolution of gratitude and meaningfulness, and a resolution to never again settle for uninspired, forgettable rituals.

Tombstone-cookies-in-grassI Want a Fun Funeral makes the process of getting your own wishes on paper exceedingly easy, thorough, and yes – even fun! Plan yourself a funeral or memorial that has your spirit infused throughout, so that your loved ones have a last (and lasting) connection with you that leaves them filled up instead of forlorn, and grateful as much as grieving. Do them the favor of easing their minds (and decision making) by leaving them clear instructions, and give yourself the gift of reflecting on your life and deciding what matters to you most. Or, to the point, if you don’t write down what you want, your funeral will be the same bland, cookie-cutter, worn-out experience that is all we’ve come to expect. Which is fine (sort of)… But wouldn’t it be fabulous to do something a little more?!


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have something with a little more life?

Like your life in it?

In the midst of grief and distress, your own words on paper, clearly and calmly describing what you would like your family to do, brings not just relief but profound sweetness that they get to “do for you” one last time. Knowing you were “okay” with your passing… and even had fun with your vision, eases their pain at a time when they need it most. (And the process of getting your thoughts down on paper can be positively life-changing for you right now.)

Who in your life has passed that you’re still missing? Feeling the loss, grieving, wishing they were still here?

There’s no end date on celebrating their life! You can right now start planning a fabulous, personalized memorial party that will bring back their incredible spirit, lighten up your heart, and leave you feeling reconnected and even rejuvenated. You cherished their place in your life — they made such a difference to you and so many others — from something small to a grand plan that’s changing lives everyday (read just such a humble but profound story), do them the honor of keeping their memory and impact going.

Perhaps it’s time to consider giving your loved one the befitting party you know would honor them.


No insult to the past, and no insult to funeral homes, but we can do so much more with our funeral rituals. With a little creativity, passion, and willingness to break the mold, we can exchange some of our sorrow for deep gratitude and even joy.
Contact me to find out how you can do this (and have fun in the process)!

Mourning and grief are human and appropriate feelings and are not avoidable. Longstanding rituals are healing, and sadness and pain cannot and should not be stifled. I Want a Fun Funeral’s mission is to add joy into the grieving process, not to deny any sadness.